Why I love being a Lego Professional 






What was your first childhood memory of Lego?

I got my first LEGO set for my 3rd Birthday from my grandmother, it was little boat and it cost 29 cents from Coles.

How did you come into a career of being a Lego Professional?

This is a very long story, but in essence I did some work for them in an IT perspective, that lead to more jobs, and more jobs and more jobs and in the end we formally solidified the relationship back in 2008. 

I am the only LEGO® Certified Professional in the Southern Hemisphere and one of only 14 in the world.

What’s a great first time Lego product to give to young kids 

It all depends on how old the kids are, under 4’s Duplo is the way to go, and older can start to use more mainstream LEGO, there is LEGO sets aimed at every age bracket, if I were to choose I love LEGO creator, it’s the best value for money and they build are amazing (without any of the licensing stuff)

What is your biggest Lego build (what and how many pieces)?

A few years ago we had to make a 10m high Christmas tree, it weighed over 4 tons and used over 400,000 Duplo bricks. It was the tree in Pitt street mall if anyone can remember it.

What’s your favourite part of the new Brickman Cities exhibition and why?

I’ve made a 1:600 scale model of Lower Manhattan and we are using a whole series of digital projectors on the model so it really comes to life, if you can image Vivid, but on a whole City instead!!! I’ve been able to sneak in all sorts of educational references in there so kids won’t even know they will be learning!

Brickman Lego Show on now at Entertainment Quarter until 10th February 2019