The 20 minute facial for busy mums 






Like most mums once you have kids you become very time poor which often means things like your skin and general well-being often take a back seat. Gone are the opportunities to have all afternoon facials, massages and manicures, when the opportunity arises it’s often rushed and against the clock.

Face Plus Medispa in Bondi Beach may have just the answer for time poor mums wanting to help their skin. We all know that pregnancy, sleep deprivation and also growing up in the Australian sun has an impact on how our skin ages and often appears.

They offer a 20 minute facial using Led Light therapy. Natalie from Eastern Suburbs Mums was invited to try this out to get an idea on the treatment, how it worked for her skin and did it really help her own time poor life as a mum of a 5 and 7-year-old.


The venue at Bondi Beach is great, there is parking downstairs underneath the new Woolworths and because it’s school hols I took my two armed with an iPad and a plead to them that I just need 20 mins “can they please behave” in the lovely foyer area talk. They happily agreed and I am whisked away into one of the treatment rooms by consultant, Louise. She assesses my 40 something skin saying it looks tired but is in pretty good nick for my age and that the ‘red’ light (there’s a blue and yellow one too) will be good for my skin as it will rejuvenate the collagen to help plump my skin up.

I lie down and am asked to wear some tiny goggles over my eyes, Louise cleanses my skin then prewarns me that the light is going to start, at first, it’s rather intense in terms of the red on my eyes but Louise is great at reassuring me all is ok and I start to relax, it’s a bit like sunbaking in the sun at the beach with no hat or sunnies on, your eyes see red at first but you slowly go into a relaxed state soaking up the warmth. After a few minutes, I am really drifting off and this is helped even more with the offer of a head, hand or foot massage, I go for the foot this time and pretty much go into a semi-conscious state, I’ve felt like I’ve had the afternoon nap I never get!

I had 6 sessions with the LED Light therapy and was really impressed with the results, I had lot of comments how my skin looked refreshed and very glowing and this was with no makeup on! What I also loved about the treatment was that the therapists were so accommodating for a mum with kids, and I think even if I had a young baby after a feed and knowing they were asleep you could time it and have a quick 20minutes or even get a friend or partner to take baby for a walk as 20minutes is not too long before you start to fret that they are ok. The treatment is safe to do whilst breastfeeding so again from my own experiences an hour-long treatment often was too long as my boobs would be ‘stirring” whilst a 20-minute treatment and catnap is more feasible and also allows you to recharge.

*Note the above offer is valid from 11th July 2017 - 31st July 2017. Only valid at FacePlusMedispa Bondi Beach