Quick dry beach towels the kids will love 



Two local Bondi boys who could see the need for good travel beach towels along with the necessity of living near beaches in Australia launched Dock & Bay in early 2017.

Andy and Benno met travelling but could see a need for good travel towels and being beach lovers they understood the need but found it hard to find any products on the market.

After a successful feature on Dragon's Den (BBC) in the UK. Dock & Bay started on the premise that standard travel towels were small & dull, and beach towels were too bulky, took ages to dry and the sand got stuck to them.

“We decided to reinvent towels, creating a beach towel that was compact, lightweight and quick drying - the perfect travel companion”

“The eastern suburbs beaches and parks are an important part of our brand - we've done photo shoots all the way between Bondi through Tamarama to Bronte.” said Ben.

“We love frequenting Bondi markets because we get to meet our customers, understand what their challenges are and see in person what they love.

When heading to the beach or on holidays, space is always an issue and the feedback we receive from parents is they love that you can easily fit 4-5 of our cabana towels in your beach bag without fuss and all the kids get a different colour.”

Dock and Bay towels have fabric that dries about twice as fast as a traditional cotton towel and doesn't stay soggy and won't hold the damp smells.
There was so much demand and requests for kids hooded poncho's that they have recently launched a range of quick drying ponchos perfect for kids aged 3-7, which includes its own kids beach bag.


“We started Dock & Bay from an idea of a product we genuinely wanted ourselves and we priced our towels accordingly, so that we would be proud to buy our own products.” Ben said.

Dock & Bay towels for beach, travel, gym, yoga and camping mostly fit in the $30-45 price range, with the extra large round towel at $69.




*Shot on location at Bronte Beach