Ori the Octopus a new picture book to delight young readers 


Ori the Octopus, written and illustrated by local Sydney author, Anne Helen Donnelly.

This delightful new children’s picture book, is suited to 2 – 5 year olds and is a great story of friendship and helping others.

Anne wanted to write a book with characters children could recognise, that conveyed a universal message and a book that keeps giving, even after you’ve read it. With cut-out characters at the back of the book and videos and activities linked to the book on the author website, this book will capture your child’s imagination and promote their creativity, long after you’ve finished reading it.

Is this your first book? What was your inspiration?

This is my first book. I have always loved art, craft and and home activities. I had made some books at home for my own children. Ori the Octopus was one of these books and I chose it to publish. I do have another Ori book coming out for Christmas.

Where did the idea for Ori come from?

The idea of an Octopus taking on lots of tasks came from all the multi-tasking mothers do. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or a working mum, there is always so much to do! The name Ori was thought up by my daughter.

Why is reading to your child important or getting them involved in a picture book?

Reading to your child instills a love of reading and learning in your children that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Little children however like getting involved and not always just listening.

This is what inspired me to add simple actions in the story so that children can listen out for their cues, then join in with their actions. I’ve read my book to groups of children as well as one-on-one and the actions have worked really well!

You can buy Ori The Octopus now at  www.annehelendonnelly.com

Ori the Octopus ISBN 9780646962207 RRP $17.99.