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Parenthood takes it tolls on our teeth, starting with pregnancy to copious amounts of tea, coffee and red wine!!

The shiny white pearlers that we see often need a helping hand once kids come along.

Not sure about you but am always time poor so maintaining things like hair, beauty etc is always a constant juggle, so when the team from Sparkling White Smile offered us to trial their teeth whitening service at home we thought win win – no travel, no parking and kids can be at home.

How does is work?

Jess & the team from Sparking White Smile North Sydney service to all locations in Sydney and come to your house or work. You can book in for yourself or maybe get a group of friends and do it all at the same time.

You book in a time that is convenient for you, we recommend maybe making sure the kids are distracted or taken out as trying to tell them not to go into the kitchen with your mouth piece on makes it hard to talk, so have some support (my kids took advantage of this raided the pantry!!). If you have a younger baby that sleeps longer in the day it’s a good chance to get this done when they are asleep. However the SWS Technicians are kid friendly and can definitely keep the kids entertained as Jess did with mine :)

Allow at least 60 minutes for the treatment even up to 90minutes, maybe have some music or TV show you want to watch to pass the time, you can’t talk for 1 hour!!

What do they put on my teeth to make them so white?

A special mouth piece is put in your mouth, whilst you like down in a recliner seat, make sure you have a blanket or cushion to support your head and keep you warm (esp in winter) . A dental bleaching agent is applied under LED light, you then sit in the chair for 3 x 25 minute sessions.

When can I not do it?

If your pregnant or breastfeeding you cannot do it, unless you maybe mix feed then don’t express or breastfeed for 48 hours (but could affect your supply to go without feeding this long).

The Results ?

Eastern Suburbs Mum Stephanie had a great result (her teeth are pictured). The Triple Treatment achieves 5-7 shades lighter post treatment.

You are also given an take home after care to apply post treatment as your teeth do develop and are even whiter to next day!

To maintain your results it is highly recommended to follow up with the 4-6 week top up.

How much and how to book in?

Exclusive offer to EASTERN SUBURBS MUMS is $50 off any full price treatment. Mention discount code SWSNSYDEASTMUM50 when booking.

To redeem this exclusive offer contact Jess from Sparkling White Smile to book in your Sparkling White Smile.


Phone: 0452 615 797

Instagram handle: @sparklingwhitesmile.nthsydney