Local chefs launch new food service for families 





Summer holidays are now over and we are all getting back in the work and school routine which means added work managing the never ending meals whilst juggling daily life.

Local Rose Bay dad Guy and his business partner Phil have just launched a great new wholesome food delivery service that is now serving the eastern suburbs of Sydney that offers fresh healthy food that is convenient for the whole family which means less stress, fed kids and delicious meals.

What was the inspiration to open Phil & Guy’s Wholesome Food? 

Since we both grew up on farms on the north island of New Zealand, we learnt from a young age how to grow fruit and vegetables and how to cook with our own produce. We wanted to use these same basic principles with Phil & Guy’s to create an authentic connection between the produce and the meal on your table.

We started out catering for the casts and crew of the New Zealand and Australian film and television industry and have done that for over 15 years. Over that time we received lots of great feedback and requests from people we worked with who wanted to eat our food at home, so we decided to offer our fresh, wholesome food to people at home.

Also I live in the eastern suburbs, I knew a lot of people like me who want to eat good quality produce that is cooked well, so we decided to launch here first.

Why do you think your home delivered meals would appeal to eastern suburbs mums?

When we designed the menu we focused on the best way to meet the needs of busy families like ourselves, so we developed a selection of family favourites such as Classic Napoletana Sauce, Black Angus Lasagne and Hearty Chicken Soup. We also wanted to offer more sophisticated dishes that appeal to the adults such as Marseille-Style Seafood Bouillabaisse and Green Thai Chicken Curry as well as a variety of salads and soups that are great for a healthy lunch or light dinner. Weekly specials are also on offer that are inspired by the best seasonal produce available at the markets.

We are passionate about our food being natural and fresh so everything is made by hand including the stocks and curry pastes, using premium ingredients from our trusted network of greengrocers, fishmongers and butchers.

The meals last in the fridge for 3 days and most of the dishes can also be frozen to use at busy times.

What are your top 3 meals that families love? 

Since we started up late last year there is no doubt that the two dishes that are super popular with the kids are the Classic Black Angus Beef Lasagne and the Black Angus Meat Balls. Parents tell us that their kids demand they order it! The Snapper and Leek Pie with Potato Top is also a big family favourite.

Your meals are sourced from local suppliers, which ones in the east do you love to support to make your meals?

All our fresh vegetables are sourced directly from Flemington Market by a local Kensington greengrocer. His name is John Fayyad and we have been working together for over 15 years.

Our top quality meat comes from Haverick Meats who are in Banksmeadow. They have an excellent supply chain complimented by a state of the art facility that guarantees a good quality transfer to the customer. They also supply a lot of the top restaurants in Sydney.

All our seafood comes from Joto Fish also based in Banksmeadow. I ring Wayne all the time just to talk fish. No one loves fresh fish like Wayne.

How is Phil and Guy’s Wholesome Food different to other food delivery services, what is your point of difference?

I think that because we grew up on farms we really know and understand produce, where it comes from and the way to use fresh ingredients to bring out the best flavours.  Also having catered for the cast and crews of major Hollywood and Australian film & television productions for over 15 years we are experts in serving and delivering really great tasting and wholesome food to large groups in difficult locations. It means our food always arrives fresh, balanced and nutritious.

What are your kids’ favourite dish?

My daughters gobble up the Lasagne and demand to take the leftovers to school. They keep asking for us to put the Butter Chicken back on the weekly specials because its one of their big favourites.

I am really happy that they are also starting to expand their repertoire by trying new dishes. They loved the Asian Braised Beef Soup and the Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder.

Three reasons you love working in the eastern suburbs?

I love being able to work close to where we live and where my kids go to school.

The school community in our local area is amazing. The parents are always helping each other out with juggling busy schedules so it’s great to be able to give back by offering wholesome meals for busy families.  As someone who loves the outdoors the harbour, beaches and local cafes in the eastern suburbs are all fantastic.

Favourite Beach:

Guy loves Bondi Beach because he lived there before kids and loves the surf and also the the vibrancy of the neighbourhood. These days he enjoys going to Milk Beach (just below Strickland House) with the kids. It's so safe and secluded and the kids love it.

Favourite Cafe:

Guy loves to drop into our local Dover Cafe on Dover Rd, Rose Bay. The Thai family who run it are super friendly and the coffee is good. They always know his order - a double shot flat white - when he comes in.

Favourite Restaurant:

Ever since living in Bondi Brown Sugar has been one of Guy’s favourite place to eat. It's an industry with a lot of turnover so it’s great to see a restaurant that just keeps going and going and they serve great comfort food at a good price.