Laser Hair Removal: Is it really worth it? 






We all have memories of our first encounters of removing unwanted hair on your body.  From cumbersome shaving of your legs as a teenager to painful waxing and managing stubborn ingrown hairs.

As the warmer weather starts to arrive now is the time to start managing it and for those who haven't tried it we highly recommend laser hair removal mainly because it makes life much simpler for busy mums.

Eastern Suburbs Mums has been working with local business The Laser Lounge Double Bay on underarm and leg hair and the results are amazing, no more shaving your legs a couple of times a week!!!!!

How does it work?

A standard course is 6 sessions, however some people may need more depending on how well their body recovers after laser.

Therapist AmyLouise explains when doing hair removal I like to tell my clients that we have 4 types of people and results will depend on which category you fall under.

no.1 will have 6 their 6 to 10 sessions and never need to come back!

no.2 will have their course but will require touch ups every year.

no.3 will have their course and hair growth will be much slower and finer, however they will always need to do laser

and no.4 is most common and is a mix of the first two types with permanent removal on certain areas while touch ups may be required for others more hormonal areas on the body.

As we are using the Cutera Laser instead of Candella you will need less treatments and they can be more spread out so we start with sessions at a 6 week interval.

At The Laser Lounge Double Bay they also use new cooling tip on the laser keeps skin colder making treatments more comfortable and safer and we have two configurations so can laser ANY skin type and colour.

From our experience laser hair removal is so worth it, no more weekly maintenance and worry and for us that is a bonus for busy mums.

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