Join the 28 Day Fitness Challenge - starts Monday 




Start your 28 Day Challenge – Shout out to mums who need motivation leading up to the summer holidays!

Founder of Eastern Suburbs Mums Natalie Hudson will be sharing her 28 day challenge as she trains with local mum and owner of a brand new Live Breathe Fitness Andrea Hutchinson in Randwick.

Are you feeling overweight a few stubborn COVID Kgs, always tired, lacking strength and flexibility ? Natalie the founder of Eastern Suburbs Mums is encouraging local mums in the Randwick area to join her in a 28 Day challenge at Live Breath Fitness, starting this Monday November 16th for only $47 per week (10 spots only).

As most of you will relate to motherhood tends to make you put yourself last, eating on the run, craving too much sugar and coffee for energy which ultimately does damage to your overall health.

Mums are all at different stages of their journey too some are post natal so strengthening your body after pregnancy and giving birth, some are exhausted in the midst of hetic times with toddlers which means exercise time gets compromised then there are those of us like Natalie – heading towards peri-menoupause – weight gain that doesn’t shift and loss of muscle.


I am currently into week 2, the first week was good but I lack strength so definitely need this, I was a bit sore from the strength training but feeling energized. Prior to the first session trainer Andrea took me through all I need to do including a full body scan to see where my weight and body fat percentage is plus we took photos to help motivate me to see the difference in 4 weeks time (fingers crossed).

Andrea’s extensive experience working in the fitness industry for the past 20 years was really valuable too as I have lower back weakness so automatically modified any exercises to ensure no injuries.


She’s a big believer as well that is all starts in the kitchen her go to phrase is “it’s 80% in the kitchen Natalie” which is now my go to message each time I try to fall back into bad habits .

She assists with information on good meal prep for the week and how to manage portion control (let’s face it we all overeat!) so put the kids in front of a movie on a Sunday after your supermarket shop and prep for the week. Like all mothers I tend to pick at food whilst cooking, eating leftovers in a rush and going for that glass of wine with chocolate too many times a week.

Andrea’s motto is if you stick to 3 times a week plus watch your diet you can lose 4-5kgs over the 28 days, a closed FB group is created with fellow members to share info, ask questions and support each other.


1. Live Breath Fitness is a brand newgym space in Alison Road Randwick

2. Andrea and her team follow a strict COVID safe workout space, every person who enters has their temperature checked, hand sanitizer and your own workout station with hygiene wipes.

3. You have your own work out station using the new NOrD gym equipment from Germany which is very versatile and functional and allows a whole body work out or to focus on areas.

4. The gym is not huge which means small classes and limited number of people and what I liked is similar ages and capabilities..(lots of mums of all ages)

5. Loads of times to choose from, mornings work for me I get up early now the weather is warmer and get it done and dusted for the day, you just book ahead your sessions


1. FREE TRIAL including body scan and goal setting session for ESMs

2. The 28 Day Challenge includes 3 x weekly Slim Beam sessions, a weekly scan, simple nutrition plan for the whole family, access to a closed FB group for extra accountability, before and after photos.

3. Last challenge for 2020 starts this Monday 16th November, reserve your spot by this Saturday 5:00pm

Contact Andrea on the details below and just start a better health journey today!!

Live Breath Fitness Randwick 

173 Alison Rd, Randwick NSW 2031

Phone: 0408 205 297


Andrea Hutchinson is a local Eastern Suburbs Mum who has two children aged 7 and 8 and specializes in pre and post natal, running (Beach Baby Fit) for the past six years, she has helped thousands of mums at all stages of their pre and post pregnancy journey.