How best to treat skin pigmentation 






Sometimes the joys of pregnancy or the convenience of taking the contraceptive pill are sabotaged by not such great side effects.

A common side affect for some women in pregnancy or who take the contraceptive pill is the skin condition called Melasma (muh-LAZ-muh). It causes brown to gray-brown patches, usually on the face. Most people get it on their cheeks, bridge of their nose, forehead, chin, and above their upper lip and it’s mostly common in women.

So how should you treat it? Do topical creams help? Does it go away after pregnancy?

Most GP’s will prescribe a cream and tell you to wear a good SPF sunscreen and keep out the sun but that doesn’t really help reduce the appearance of the hyper-pigmentation such as melasma leaving many women trying to cover it up with heavy makeup which is less than ideal.

Skin Therapist Louise from The Laser Lounge Double Bay, “We treat many women for Melasma who either have been affected by it in pregnancy or on the contraceptive pill but instead of topical creams we use medically graded machines and for this condition we use the Derma Pen”

“For best results we recommend the OmniLux Medical LED Skin Therapy Treatment then the Derma Pen with interval treatments every 6 weeks, most clients see visible results after the 3rd treatment, this is when the melasma is starting to break down. The treatment is about 30 minutes, if you include the Omnilux, then it is an hour treatment.”said Louise.


Derma Pen Treatment 

Six treatments are recommended and the treatment is safe to have whilst pregnant and breastfeeding, in saying that, the results may vary if they do the procedure during that time as some women can experience hormonal imbalances. Some women decide to have the treatment post pregnancy, the success rate is much higher in terms of improving melasma.

Over the past few months Eastern Suburbs Mums has been trialing the Omnilux & Laser Genesis and the Derma Pen treatments. We are really impressed with the attention to detail and thorough assessement of our own particular skin issues.

Founder of Eastern Suburbs Mums, Natalie said “As a mid 40’s aged mother my skin like most suffers from large pore size, sun damage and fine lines, the results have been clearly visible with people commenting how fresh and glowing my skin is and personally I have noticed a reduction in my pore size after the Derma Pen treatment” said Natalie. 

“Having these treatments has meant that it actually means I can manage my skin under the guidance of good qualified therapists such as Louise and am reassured that the advice and the equipment treating my skin is medically graded.”

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