Eastern Suburbs Mums Review: HelloFresh 






Returning back to Term 4 in the holidays fills dread and also joy for parents….the benefit of the school holidays means loose routine, late dinners and a flexibility of the ‘house rules”.

When school returned and the hetic daily life of Term 4 returned the panic set in with ‘meal planning’ and HelloFresh sent Eastern Suburbs Mums a box of various dishes to try out.

Now I am not one for the many home food delivery services on the market and as a blogger I get sent many things but I was quietly surprised what Hello Fresh has to offer busy mums juggling work and life.

Like all of us I get stuck into a routine of doing the same dishes week in and week out just because it’s easy and I can pretty much guarantee the kids will eat it but at the same time I think to myself, are they going to try new stuff? Am I providing them with a wide palate so they are adventurous with food?

What I found with my first experience of HelloFresh is you can pre-select different meals and all the ingredients minus some basic pantry items of your own e.g. Soy Sauce.

So what did we try?

For the first time the kids and I had pork. We rarely eat pork other than sausages and we tried the fresh pork loin steaks in a noodle dish was a hit with the older one.  Night 2 we then ventured to Crumbed Chicken with Sweet Potato mash, my kids are not mash eaters so I just did sweet potato fries but the recipe to make the crumbed chicken was super easy and produced tender pieces of chicken that they gobbled up, it also taught me a new way of doing crumbed chicken which I hadn't realised was possible.

So if you have busy weeks coming up with the endless school events in Term 4 and the countdown to Xmas starts, ordering HelloFresh will save you time and also allow the family to try new meals that are easy to prepare using fresh produce that keeps everyone healthy.

Our fav was the Crumbed Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash with green beans, so that is our recommendation to try.

HelloFresh is offering a special deal to EASTERN SUBURBS MUMS: $25 off your first 2 HelloFresh boxes enter code: ESMUM50