Could this be the answer to mummy burnout? 





I am sometimes dubious about new fads in relation to health, especially when it comes to the holy grail of parenting – sleep!

We often want our kids to sleep but after years of sleep deprivation with night feeding, teething, sickness, cuddles, scared of the dark and the ten thousand other reasons why becoming a mother means sleep is deprived I will try anything.

I will have to admit I do get ok sleep now that my two are not so little anymore (yes mums in the thick of it your baby does eventually sleep thru and not wake 10 times a night!) but my challenge is actually not staying up too late enjoying the peace of the post bedtime shenanigans and getting stuff done and also switching off.

When local business Koa Recovery invited Eastern Suburbs Mums earlier this month to try out their service I was ok lets go for it, I will get frozen like I live in the Antarctic and float like a baby in the womb – what more could a busy, often tired mumma of two young kids want?

Owner Shaun explains all the benefits to me of the Cryotherapy, a chamber which you stand in with your head above the opening for 3minutes with temperatures between -40C and -120, it has great benefits for inflammation, injuries, anti-ageing and sleep. I get undressed into my bathers with a robe and the “freeze” begins ‘winter is coming” I keep saying to myself where is Jon Snow?  Shaun is great he keeps me engaged in conversation to relax me and also divert my mind from the change in temperature, but it goes so quick, 3 minutes is nothing! I feel good afterwards, energized and the sore knee that I have been complaining about feels a lot better.

Next I have a warm shower and get ready for the Float Pod. It looks heaven, an egg shaped dome in a dimly lit room with coloured water and meditation music. Shaun explains that I will have the best sleep of my life after this treatment….500 kilograms of Epsom salts and perfect temperature water is filled, in my cossie I get in and I am not the claustraphic type so I put the ear plugs and shut the top lid (for all the claustrophobes reading this do not fear you can have the lid completely open during the float).

I get in hearing lovely relaxing music and I lie down and literally float. The first thing I notice is I try to resist the relaxation process, I have things to do! Lists to make, I am a mum, my thoughts are no longer mine!

But after ten - fifteen minutes because my body is so suspended by the Epsom salts I have no choice to physically let go and then the deep mental relaxation begins.


I can feel the weeks (potentially years) of neck and shoulder tension releasing and oozing out of my body, my mind calms down and positive realisations come to my mind because I am so relaxed.I am only disturbed now and then when my body gently touches the side of the pod then I return to bliss.

The hour is up, music gently from the pod tells me and bubbles that it is time to return to reality.I then have a lovely long shower wash hair (all provided) and then come and sit for a while in the reception, I feel like I’ve slept for 10 hours or gone on holiday for 4 weeks.Owner Shaun was right I slept that night like I haven’t in a long long time, he explains that the relaxation you have in the pod is like the equivalent of 4 hours sleep = bonus for tired mums.The pod is also suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mums.

I want one in my house.

So mums if you want some time out, give back to yourself then I highly recommend trying either of these treatments out for a positive experience and most of all an energy rejuvenation which what mum doesn’t want that!


Koa Recovery

Botany Road Alexandria

Tel: 80682615




Mon: 9:30am – 6:30pm

Tues: 10am – 9pm

Wed: 9:30am – 6:30pm


Fri: 10am – 5pm

Sat: 10am – 3pm

Sun: 10am – 3pm


ESM’s Special: 10% off all services for the month of March & April 2017




1 Session: $79

3 Sessions: $220

5 Sessions: $345

10 Sessions: $590

1 Cryo Session & 60min Float: $125

1 Month Membership(8x per month): $440

Not suitable for pregnant women

Ok for breastfeeding mums


Float Pod


INTRO 3 pack: $170

1 Session: $79

3 Sessions: $205

5 Sessions: $310

10 Sessions: $550

1 Cryo Session & 60min Float: $125

1 Month Membership(8 x per month): $390

Ok for pregnant and breastfeeding women