Lynne-McKensey Hall IBCLC Lactation Consultant & Endorsed Midwife

Lynne-McKensey Hall IBCLC Lactation Consultant & Endorsed Midwife

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  • 24 Blenheim St, Randwick
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I know I have the perfect job working in private practice as an IBCLC lactation consultant and endorsed midwife.

I am totally committed and motivated to providing the support and options mothers need to help them maximize their breastfeeding and parenting opportunities.

I help mothers with pragmatic choices that suit them so they can provide breast milk to their babies however they want to and for however long they want.

What drives my desire to help women and their babies is the plethora of scientific evidence and research available to support the art of breastfeeding and parenting. In very practical ways, this research can be used to counter the old wives’ tales and myths that always over-rides a mother’s natural instinct and response to her baby. It takes time to adjust to the role of being a mother and I want to help make it as easy and comfortable as I possible can.

I see women antenatally at 36 weeks to help them prepare for breastfeeding and birth.

Postnatally I can visit in your own home in the Eastern Suburbs or see mothers in Randwick or Paddington for clinic visits (even on week-ends). Skype Consultations available too.

I provide a receipt for every consultation. Mothers can choose between claiming from their health fund or Medicare if they have a doctors' referral and the baby is under 6 weeks of age.

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