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Gowrie NSW Malabar Early Education & Care

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About Us

Gowrie NSW is a not-for-profit organisation which has been setting the standard in Early Education & Care for nearly 80 years. One of the leading providers of training to all Early Education and Care providers across the state, we have 8 demonstration centres across NSW to practice what we preach and showcase excellence in holistic child development.

Key Educator Approach

In the first three years of life we endeavour to ensure all children have a primary caregiver which closely nurtures each child throughout these critical years.Our emphasis and commitment to working towards key educator relationships promotes continuity, consistency and nurturing relationships between educators and children both individually and in small groups.

Our Centre Director Hannah Mallen holds BA Honors degree in Early Childhood Education and Care and has been living in Australia for 6 years. Her passion is to provide a safe, enriching and stimulating environment for all children, for them to develop, grow and be confident learners. Hannah also enjoys mentoring teams and individuals as they join the team and throughout their professional journey.

How we encouragecapable learners:

A unique indoor environment rich in natural resources and promoting learning, curiosity and adventure

A large outdoor play area featuring natural gardens, climbing structures, natural play equipment, sand-pits and water play

A broad curriculum of literacy, numeracy, language, art, music, social skills, sport, sustainability and much more

Nutritionally balanced meals catering for all children’s dietary needs, prepared using the freshest ingredients

A team of dedicated and passionate educators who implement a high quality educational experience in a nurturing, stimulating and supportive environment