BAYS Gymnastics Cheerleading and Dance

BAYS Gymnastics Cheerleading and Dance




Bays offers awesome Dance/Gymnastics and Cheerleading sessions through the week.

Bays run a Saturday Academy in Double Bay offering gym/Cheerleading and Hip Hop and Jazz Dance which is open to the community with sessions from 2.5 year olds up to 14 years old.

2 Adult Dance sessions every Tuesday from 11.15-12.15 and 7.00-8.00pm at Sherbrooke Hall in Double Bay.

Toddler Gym and Dance class every Tuesday in Sherbrook Hall from 10.00-10.45am

Cheerleading after school from 4.15-5.15pm at Sherbrooke Hall, Double Bay.

Bays are in schools across the Eastern Suburbs such as Vaucluse Public School, The Scots College and Galilee Catholic School.

Cheerleading is an excellent sport to take part in for both boys and girls, involving gymnastics, tumbling, stunting and dancing.

Whilst you are cheerleading you can have so much fun being part of a team and exercising. Cheerleading, like any dance form, has set arm movements, set timings for routines, names for the stunt and jumps and most importantly set rules for performing all these.

Gymnastic and Dance is a fabulous way to keep fit and exercise is such a great way to build your flexibility, control and movement strengthening your core and whole body. Working on physical skills to enhance everyday living and having fun is our ethos.

Our hope is to provide a positive environment in the pursuit of excellence based on the values of pride, co-operation, enjoyment and fun.